Call Me Creative

I’ve always been a writer. I’m not sure why or what for, but I truly do feel called to create. God’s instilled this utter need and craving in me to process externally through paper and pen — or keys and screen — to communicate well, effectively and with passion. It’s never been hard. It’s always … More Call Me Creative

Prone to Wander

I’m a low-key escape artist.   I have a continual habit of hopping from place to place, town to town. I’m not quite sure what I’m in search of or why I do this, perhaps it’s an innate restlessness I feel when I’m settled down for more than a couple of years. In the past … More Prone to Wander

Time After Time

Lately, I’ve been convicted of how I spend my time. In college (and when I’m depressed) I binge watch Netflix shows from my bed, and I drift off in a state of oblivion as I drown myself hours on end in movies. It’s honestly a wasteful and gluttonous way to spend my time. I could … More Time After Time

Call Me Mae, Be

When I was little, my family called me Mae Mae. I was adopted into a Dallas suburb family with loving parents — who I like to call Dear Tim and Sweet Denise — and an older brother, Braden. Three years later, we were joined by my baby brother Nathan.”Mei mei” means little sister in Chinese. … More Call Me Mae, Be