I’ve gone by several names in my lifetime.

  • Alexia, my first and legal name.
  • Mae Mae, my nickname growing up, which translates into “little sister” in Chinese.
  • Maelyn, my actual middle name. Mostly by friends in high school and college.
  • Mae, my new nickname. Short, sweet and simple, three things I strive to be.

Sometimes I tell baristas “Mae,” simply because it’s easier to spell than Maelyn. Sometimes I introduce myself as Mae because I like the new moniker, it embodies the transformation I underwent when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in March 2016.

I’m proud of who I am, who I have become since diagnosed. I’m proud to go by a new name that encapsulates how I arose from the ashes of shame, despair and weakness. I’m proud to introduce a new name for a new life that tells my Gospel story of how Christ redeemed me in 2016, and how he still redeems me today.

Honestly, I don’t want to stay in Dallas. I never planned to call this hometown home after graduating high school. But the King tells me, “Mae, be.” Be where I place you, flourish with what I give you, walk worthy and live humbly and love deeply.

So you can call me Mae, be.

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