Call Me Creative

I’ve always been a writer.

I’m not sure why or what for, but I truly do feel called to create. God’s instilled this utter need and craving in me to process externally through paper and pen — or keys and screen — to communicate well, effectively and with passion.

It’s never been hard.

It’s always come easy.

Writing isn’t just a hobby or a part of my job — it’s an extension of me. It’s how I operate. How I think. How I love. How I give. It’s a piece of me and always will be.

But I also make photos.

Instagram is by far my favorite form of social media. To capture life in just a shot or two. To caption it with the very best I’ve got. Whoa, what a challenge. It’s a marriage between visual beauty and textual simplicity.

Here’s a shameless plug about how you should follow me on gram @Maelynium. I post fun pics. I say fun things. Or maybe they’re lame pics. And lame things. But whatever, okay?!?

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t create. I’m a producer.

I dream big dreams and I plan big plans and I do my best to make those dreams and plans happen. Usually they do. Sometimes they don’t. I learn either way.

Lately, I’ve messed up big time — I’ve distanced myself from close friends, I’ve over-exhausted my time and emotions on hopeless situations. I haven’t produced as much as I’d like to, and I truly have not been myself much lately.

But I’m returning to that side of me, that part of me that always will be: the Creative. I’m reuniting with my favorite past-time: blogging in bed at wee hours of the morning, praying for inspiration knowing it reads best without seeking it out.

I’m making music again — little diddies about missing friends who are far from home, missing a man who doesn’t even exist, falling in and out of love with people and places I meet.

I bought a typewriter. My friend Mitchell calls me a hipster. I say “No, I’m not a hipster.” He says that makes me more hipster. Whatever. It’s fine. If being creative and eccentric and original is hipster, I’ll gladly own that title. That’s definitely who I am, too.

I plan to write my entire life story on Old Faithful — I just dubbed that her name .037 seconds ago. I feel really good about it.

Basically, I’m  making a vow.

A vow to myself: to return to Jesus through my passions — to remember I’m called to create. To know what I make with my hands, mind, soul doesn’t define me, but certainly shapes me in this incredible, soothing, sanctifying way.

I’m making a vow to say yes to alone time, to soul searching (and hopefully finding). I’m making a vow to retreat when I need to, rest when I need to, pray when I need to. I’m making a vow to remember to eat plenty and love often.

Here’s a vow to you, Dear Readers: I will create a safe space to witness my life as a blogger, friend and Christian. As a young professional and former college queen. As an undeniable hipster and wannabe backpacker and weary traveler. As an adoptee, a woman with mental illness, a sister and a daughter. As a Creative and single woman.

This is who I am. This is what I do. I hope you enjoy.

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